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Our Approach

International Investments with Global Entrepreneurial Experience

Our Approach

We build your international investments strategy with complementary services to make it happen

Investing in or expansion to international markets between the USA, Germany or Turkey require more than financial resources. We provide complementary managed services to accomplish your goals. We will allocate dedicated resources, Executive or operations teams, legal structure, immigration, international accounting, record keeping, tax management, technical compliance and more. Just talk to us and we will design the road map.

Whether your decisions are related to your personal life, your kids’ future, risk dilution, or business expansion, we are here to design the optimum strategy around your return and risk expectations.

In every country, there are different risk factors affecting investment decisions. As a professional team of hands-on entrepreneurs and investors, we are bringing our expertise and know-how in the United States, European Union and Turkey to provide complete international investment capabilities.

Unlike textbook consultants, we go beyond the requirements and scope to get things done. You get beyond a road map suggestion for your goals, but a complete organization of technical executives, entrepreneurs, technical development team and professional services to make it happen.

Global Reach

Investment Management in Technology Businesses and Real Estate

Technology Investments

We manage your investments in Technology Businesses in technology services, tech solutions, Software as a Service products and more. Some of the Complementary Services include following:

    • Management Consulting with entrepreneurial lifestyle
      • Advisory on strategies
      • Dedicate executive team
      • Dedicate technical software engineers, electrical engineers, cloud engineers…
      • Dedicate operational teams in the USA, Germany or Turkey
    • Legal Advisory
      • International business expansion advisory
      • Establish local business entity
    • Financial Management
      • Financial Planning and Procurement
      • Accounting Services, CPA
      • Tax Services
    • Technology Services-Provided by Cloud Ararat
      • Integrated Software Development
      • Electronics and hardware Development
      • Unmanned Systems Development
      • Database Systems
      • Data Management – Connected Ops Investor Account Login
        • You get direct account to view your processes, documents and investments in real time.
Real Estate Investments

We manage your investments in Real Estate in the USA, Europe and Turkey. Some of the Complementary Services include following:

    • Real Estate Management with entrepreneurial lifestyle
      • Dedicated licensed and experienced Real Estate professionals
      • Advisory on investment opportunities ; homes, condominiums, beach property…
      • Market Analysis and Trends
      • Asset management ; rental management, maintenance, repairs, landscaping…
    • Legal Advisory
      • Government regulations and laws
      • Individual or business investment
    • Financial Management
      • Revenue and Rental Income Management
      • Accounting Services, CPA
      • Tax Services
    • Data Management – Connected Ops Investor Account Login
        • You get direct account to view your assets, processes, documents and investments in real time.
Our Process of Engagement

How can we work together?

Step 1 : Kick Off

Consulting & Advisory

Initial meetings are essential to understand your thought process on decisions and priorities. Through video conference or in person meetings in USA, Germany or Turkey, we ensure to understand all expectations in order to design a investment road map around tailor-made for you.

Step 2 : Engage

Gather Opportunities and Data

Based on the understandings and findings in the first step, we gather potential investment opportunities, legal requirements, collect documentation from all parties and follow the defined processes.

Step 3 : Complementary Services

Legal, Immigration, Tax and Ops

In an international investment scene, there are additional legal requirements in immigration, legal documentation, financial transactions, tax and operations. Therefore we do have dedicated professionals to ensure the challenges through the journey are calculated and managed properly.

Step 4 : Post Investment

Management and ROI

Besides a professional account manager, we do provide you our signature software platform Connected Ops to keep track of your investments, assets, tenants, maintenance work orders, revenues and data securely. Anywhere in the World, from the comfort of your home, review all operations in real time. We continuously support your investment for a realistic financial ROI, business exit or a real estate resale.

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