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Our Investment Areas

We manage investments in Technology Businesses and Real Estate

Cloud Ararat Investments LLC is a management consulting company focused on international investment management in TECHNOLOGY BUSINESSES and REAL ESTATE. Our complementary value added services continue throughout your investment process, ensuring peace of mind. We provide software and hardware development, investment advisory, international expansion, legal assistance, immigration assistance, financial advisory, ROI management, revenue management and applicable services.

You may easily track all your investments in real-time with our signature Connected Ops Software provided by Cloud Ararat technology team.

Cloud Ararat Investments Startup Background
Technology Business Investment

Identify and invest in potentially high ROI technology businesses with calculated risk. We will dedicate professional executive and technical teams to manage the run the business as well.

Cloud Ararat Investments - Real Estate Investment
Real Estate Investment

Engage in your dream beach home, rental income, commercial or personal property for your children's future...

International Investments require multi-discipline capabilities. We have hands-on experience, know-how and all the required dedicated professionals to accomplish.
Legal Presence in the United States, Germany and Turkey
Cloud Ararat Investments
Investment Management Account

Real Time Management of your Global Assets and Investments

We provide state-of-the-art, cloud-based, globally accessible transparency to your investments. Manage your business operations, exchange legal documents securely, manage real estate properties, maintenance work orders, rental income and more. Even 3D Map of your property taken via unmanned aerial vehicles. We deliver a service you've never experienced in your investment operations and real-estate management.
The Management Team

Meet the Team

Mert Altindag

CEO - Technology Investments

Anne Tamm

Real Estate Investments - USA

Öznur Us

Operations Manager - EMEA

Bengi Altindag

Operations Manager - USA

Robert D. Williams

Corporate Attorney - P.C. Law

Dimo R. Michailov

Immigration Consultant - CI Law Group
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